A Rose For Emily : An Analysis Of Theme, Imagery And Symbolism

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A Rose for Emily: An Analysis of Theme, Imagery and Symbolism
A Rose for Emily is a prime example of the many themes of southern gothic literature. The story demonstrates not only the elements of southern gothic but the similarities of southern gothic and basic gothic literature such as Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein. The author’s story is thus made interesting and catches a reader attention with its non-chronological telling and dialogue. Through the use of imagery and symbolism the author gets his point across to his readers about the fall of traditional southern values and ideals to the new ideas of the modern age using Ms. Emily as the means of which to do so. The author, William Faulkner, was able to fully incorporate many main points of southern gothic in the piece, with his use of Style, Imagery, and Symbolism
The author uses style to create the setting and establish the ideas of southern gothic through use of many different types of figurative language such as metaphor, personification, and dialogue. The author uses a prime example of metaphor in his first paragraph to which he makes a comparison between Ms. Emily and a monument. By creating the comparison between Ms. Emily and a monument Faulkner establishes early on the role of Ms. Emily to symbolize the old south and its dated ways throughout the piece. The use of personification in the story shows how the house Ms. Emily lived in stands in relation to the coming of cotton gins and garages. The author sets up the…

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