A Research Study On Open Ended Questions On Bullying And Hate Crime At High School Has Risen Dramatically Post

2001 Words Nov 15th, 2016 9 Pages
Evidence suggests that, Post-Brexit, the number of incidence of category based bullying and hate crime at high school has risen dramatically Post-Brexit. Research is necessary and must directly involve the victims and perpetrators involved in bullying and hate crimes. To get a better understanding of why this is happening we need to conduct some qualitative research via surveys and/or interviews. Yes or no answers to questions don’t help to find the reason. Open ended questions generated can assist with finding general themes amongst the victims and perpetrators however, they must be strategically constructed. Keeping in mind that both sides of understanding and perceptions need to be shown. Along with a suitable data size which should be large enough to capture a range of perspectives. The qualitative research done can look at key issues, resolving them and find out social facts or causes of the phenomenon through conversation with a purpose. As a researcher using any one of the qualitative methods every step of the way you are questioning yourself in regards to your research. Researchers should strategically think, plan and act with self scrutiny throughout the process being flexible the whole time. Here, researchers should be interested in exploring why this is occurring Post-Brexit. Insider perspective with an interactive approach would be best to use with teenagers.

Researchers should frequently revise each question with a question. For example, the…

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