Essay on A Research Study On Anthropology

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Anthropology falls in to four subfields, which are archeology, physical, linguistics, and cultural. One idea that these subfields share in common is holism. Holism is approaching a single subject in several different ways (Welsch 15). These four subfields all have their own distinct approaches. This is why anthropology is divided into multiple subfields, so that anthropologists can study further in specific subfields and result in more accurate information. Each subfield focuses on a different type of research interest and usually uses different research techniques. Alfred Kroeber, a student of Franz Boas, viewed the subfields in anthropology as a “sacred bundle” and decided to “unwrap the sacred bundle” and break up these subfields so that researchers could focus on one field and achieve more data, instead of researching all four and not attaining as much knowledge on specific fields as needed (Welsch 15). No matter what subject is being studied, researchers will break down the main topic into sub-topics to make research easier.

Cultural contains seven different basic elements of culture. Culture is learned, uses symbols, dynamics, accommodated into daily life, shared, relative, and affects everyone (Lecture 3). Cultural relativism removes pre-judgement from other cultures. Judgement is fine after understanding other cultures completely. When learning one’s culture, we must understand that all they know about their culture was taught, starting at birth. People from…

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