A Research Paper : Coed Sports

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Mini Research Paper: Coed Sports Are you a frustrated athlete who can’t play the sport you love? Or are you one who only stands for same sex athletics? A coed sport is the concept of permitting males and females to play on the same team or against one another. It is a topic that is continuously debated worldwide. Coed sports have an outsized sum of controversy. I personally stand for coed sports and strongly believe they should be allowed regardless of the sport. Coed sports should be permitted worldwide as they promote gender equality, reduce injury rate, enhance an athlete’s confidence, and build friendships within both genders.
Gender Equality is just one of the countless progressive factors of coed sports. It was specified in a Livestrong article, “somewhere between ages nine and eleven kids begin to develop stereotypes” (Leigh 1). If an adolescent has the opportunity to participate in a coed sport it could eliminate the creation of gender related stereotypes. In athletics, young athletes should be divided according to their level of talent and not their gender. A twelve year old girl writes in a letter to Dick’s Sporting Goods that females should be treated equivalent to males and they should include women in all catalogs or she will shop somewhere else that will encourage female sports (Kitchener 1). If a young child picks up on gender inequality then they will feel absent and lose confidence within their sport. As mentioned above, one could easily…

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