Essay A Research On Planet Earth

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Research on Planet Earth
Planet Earth has often been known to us Masonians as a place of gradual change and increased learning. Humans started out living very frugally depended much on the land around them. However as centuries passed, they adapted their lifestyles to fit their growing demands and were able to develop new technologies to increased their efficiency. After traveling through different time periods to observe their family life, I am now able to have a deeper meaning on how humans came to be so emotional, hardworking, sophisticated, and well-educated beings.
Hunter Gatherer Families
Humans on Planet Earth lived very simple and rustic lifestyles prior to 10,000 BC during a time when they were referred to as “Hunters and Gatherers”. During this time there was an emphasis on hard work and teamwork since both men and women were contributing to the wellbeing of their family. Men and their sons who were over 14 years of age were in charge of hunting for meat every day so that the family could have a filling dinner each night. By leaving in the early hours of the morning, typically around 7 a.m., men were able to maximize their days and increase their chances of bringing home a significant amount of meat. While the men were out hunting “with 60-80 people from two or three extended families, …women collected seeds, nuts, and berries” (Stearns 17). Women also had to balance their gathering duties with their domestic duties, such as keeping their homes clean…

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