A Research On Co Offending Essay

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The bulk of past research on co-offending has focused on juveniles and nonviolent offenses. For these studies three major themes are found; co-offenders are younger than their solo-offending counterparts, co-offenders commit more serious/violent offenses, and individuals offend with peers of similar demographics. The current study expands this knowledge base to include violent offenses, specifically homicide. A statistical analysis, including chi square tests for independence and independent samples t-tests, was conducted on homicide data in the United States in 2010. The analysis found that patterns in age and homogeneity of groups help true in homicide but seriousness of the offense was not affected by co-offending. Adolescence is a period of change, when peer approval is essential for support and development. Unfortunately, not all adolescents adjust in healthy ways, some turn to delinquency and violence. It is well known that the number of delinquent friends an individual has is a strong indicator of criminal behavior in the individual (Warr, 2002). These social groups are known not just to commit crimes as individuals, but to commit crimes as groups or co-offenders. Thus Co-offending, sets the stage for further crime and delinquency (Felson, 2003). There is currently much research on co-offending focusing on property crimes and juveniles, but little is known about co-offending for violent crimes. The current study will explore if the same patterns of co-offenders in…

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