Essay about A Report On The Uniform Crime Reporting

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According to the data collected from the Uniform Crime Reporting (2015),a Federal Bureau Investigation branch, of the “388,082 arrests made for violent crimes, 36% composed of juveniles and young adults up to age 24” (p. 1). To this current date, the recent data reflects a higher than desired number of perpetration against minors and young adults as it nearly peaks towards half of the violent crimes arrests. Upon further inspection, 25.8% violent crime arrests are against young adults ages 18-to-24 (Uniform Crime Reporting, p. 1). The pressing issue is further shown in Healthy People 2020 (2016) objective to lower the incidence rates of perpetration of youth, the goal is to cut perpetration down to 399.6 arrests per 100,000 population for ages 10-24 by 2020, and the numbers have shown a decrease overall. But there still is a high number of violent crime arrests in ages 18 to 24 that is above the desired threshold simply a few years away (p. 1). The nation faces a challenge to discover the root problems that cause young-aged people to carry out violent crimes and take ongoing action to discourage such behaviors.

Issues researchers face is distinguishing the causal pathways and consensus of terminology that affect their findings. As with many social issues, there is a multifactorial effect in place that influence behaviors or decisions made by people. This brings about the challenge of policy makers and researchers to name what they consider the key issues based on the…

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