Essay on A Report On The Park Environment

1200 Words Oct 22nd, 2014 null Page
In the Batewood Park environment, I noticed on arrival that there were few shrubberies or flowers, but there was an abundance of a variety trees. There was a playground, a picnic, table, basketball court, and other things added from humans, which causes the park environment overall to be different than that of a forest that is not impacted specifically from humans. I sat in the grass near the picnic tables and an oak tree, close enough to where I could observe ants under the picnic tables, bees pollinating, and a leaf that had a hole from where it had been eaten. I moved from this spot to observe a dogwood tree and how it differed from the oak during my observation process. There were a variety of trees in the park from their different sizes, shapes, and coloration of leaves. I noticed the leaves had not quite yet turned colors or started falling off the branches noticeably. Concluding, it is late summer and not quite fall. This can be determined through the fact that the leaves are not in full coloration. The seasons are beginning to change. The two trees I focused on observing were the dogwood tree and the oak tree, which are distinctly different in their physical appearance. The oak had a bigger trunk, was much taller, had green leaves, and from sitting below it I could not see flowers on the branches. The dogwood tree had a smaller trunk, was shorter than the oak, had pink coloration, and the flowers were visible from a decent distance standing away from the tree. They…

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