Essay about A Report On The Forest Plantation

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1.0 Introduction
Owing to the excessive use of human, natural forests area has a continuous decline on a global scale, which is nearly 10 million hm2 net decrease per year. While the global plantation area has a rapid growth, which has been nearly 187 million hm2 since 2000. Meanwhile planted forests is becoming a significant part of world’s forests increasingly, accounting for about 5% of the total forest area. For example, China has world’s largest plantation resources, which plays an important role in maintaining regional ecological security and promoting national economic development (China Wood Products Report 2004). To be specific, in Australia and New Zealand, the areas of commercial plantations in Australia were 2.01 and 1.71 million hectares respectively in 2014 (Rhodes 2014). However, the plantation is a controversial issue actually in terms of providing the ecosystem goods and services. Therefore, whether tree plantations could replace natural forests as sources of ecosystem goods and services has been a hot issue in recent decades.

In general, the forest plantation is an essential forest ecosystem with fundamental functions and roles in the wood production, environmental protection and landscape design. Also, there is a supplementary function of forest plantations in wood supply that the natural forests can be more efficiently used for environmental protection, biodiversity conservation and recreation. In particular, planted forests can meet the demand of…

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