A Report On The Financial Analysis Essay

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Greencross is one of the leading retailers of pet food in Australian market. In addition to that, the business of Greencross Limited deals in pet related products. By considering the business operations of the firm, the corporate business of Greencross includes the largest veterinary services in the Australian territory. The retail services of pet food of Greencross Limited have been operated under the brand name of Petbarn and City Farmers in the markets of Australia and New Zealand. There are 200 stores of the organisation to offer services to the clients. Currently, the contemporary business structure of the business has consolidated on the veterinary services providing the largest veterinary practices in the Australian market ("Greencross Limited", 2016). By offering specialists, medicine and pet care facilities, the enterprise has promised to go a long way in the business field. Herein, the financial analysis of the organisation has been presented to discuss the performance and productivity of the group in the past three years.
1.1 Statement of Purpose
The review of the financial analysis can determine the budgetary efficiency and business position of the firm. Through the identification of significant data and business patterns of Greencross Limited, analysis of balance sheet, horizontal and vertical trend analysis, and current income statement have been presented in the study paper for further consideration. By utilising the financial data of the last three years,…

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