A Report On The Federal Reserve Essay

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Article 26 Article 26 covers the decline in the amount of people who have been filing for unemployment. Now is the longest period of time since 1970 that unemployment benefits have remained lower than 300,000 for the week. This decrease is something that economists believe will continue, many of them have even forecasted future numbers reaching as low as 260,000 applicants. These low numbers aren’t a surprise either, Octobers employment numbers were extremely encouraging at about 161,000 jobs. The Federal Reserve looks to capitalize on the strong market by continuing to raise interest rates. I think the information presented in this article is tremendous news. There are many factors that determine what direction our economy will head in and one of the greatest ones is the unemployment rate. The amount of people who are unemployed has a major effect on the country’s economy and the standard of living we have as a country. It is essential that we have productive members of our society that are contributing to the work force. Our economy has suffered in recent years, but hopefully the expansion of the job market is what stabilizes our economy and gets it back track.
Article 27 The article is based off how a vast amount of traders are banking off Hillary Clinton winning the election. They believe that Hillary is the candidate that will benefit the economy the most. Polls have suggested that Hillary has about a 90% chance of winning the election and it is rumored that stock…

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