Essay on A Report On The Culture Of Nepal

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Manufacturing in Nepal
Nepal appears to be an ideal location to establish a manufacturing division for both a humanitarian endeavor and an option to increase our companies profit gains. This investment analysis will look at the sociopolitical culture of Nepal along with the general temperament of the local population in regards to how stable the civil climate is. To ascertain some of the information, the World Bank, Freedom House, the United Nations (UN) Human Development Report, and the Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance will be utilized. In addition to these services, various other governmental and civil resources will be used to establish whether Nepal would be an optimal choice for both a humanitarian and profit increasing venture.
General Information about Nepal
Nepal is an Asian country slightly larger than the U.S. state of Iowa, nestled between China and India (Nepal 's Geographic Challenge, 2015). While Nepal is a small country, it boasts a population of 28.17 million people (Nepal, 2015a), larger than the state of Texas with a population of 26.5 million people (State facts, 2012). This little country, however, has a vast dynamic of ethnic and cultural diversity. Within its borders, Nepal hosts a vast and dynamic variety of ethnic and caste groups. While Nepal is home to over 60 of these ethnic groups, proximately 18 of them have a population index of over one percent of the population. These groups can be intermixed, geographically separated,…

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