A Report On Parana Pine Essay

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Parana Pine:
For the Parana Pine I obtained the published value from a website since the values on the lab sheet didn’t have a values for Parana Pine. Firstly, I calculated my own Young’s Modulus Value with the result got from the tests using the equation for Young’s Modulus in Bending:

E= l³/(4bd^3 ) x ( Δw)/( Δx)

From using this equation, I achieved 14.44 E/GPa as a value, the published value, was: 11.37 E/GPa found on ‘The Wood Database’. The difference between my results and the Published values is: 3.07, and it was still within the range of the published value.

Regarding the accuracy of the test, since this was my first time conducting this type of test, there may have been some mistakes I made that could have affected the results as a whole. For example, the positioning of the wood on the apparatus, so that it wasn’t on the midpoint could influence the load applied on wood. Mahogany:
Similar to the Parana Pine I also retrieved the published value for Mahogany on the same website, the E value from my results was: 21.59 E/ GPa, which was calculated using the equation above. The Published E Value is: 15.81, so the difference between my values and the published values is only: 5.78. Therefore, I can assume that my values are correct because it still within the range of where it can be considered acceptable.

Mahogany is classified as a hardwood; therefore, it is much stronger and has a high density than the softwood – Parana Pine. This can be one of the reason to…

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