A Relationship Between The And Power And Authority Than Younger Siblings

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Triangulation is where two people that are in a relationship (any type) are unstable, and to bring stability to the relationship they bring an outside force. This can either be another person or an activity. For example, a couple could be seeing a therapist, the therapist would be the third person, but it can also be an activity (L. Brookner, personal communication, October 30, 2015). An example of this would be a couple that plays video games together. A person that has a high differentiation needs fewer triangles than people that have low differentiation.
Next, is Sibling Position, which is essentially sibling order. In the article on the Bowen Family systems, it states “firstborn children reported more positive behavior towards themselves than did second-born children with regard to their older siblings,” (Nichols & Schwartz, 2007). The authors also mentioned that firstborns identify better with power and authority than younger siblings (Nichols & Schwartz, 2007).
Then, there is Nuclear family Emotional Process, which is similar to projection. It is where tension is channeled to one person or child. This is their role determined by the tension. This is because the emotional fusion in the family is unstable, (Nichols & Schwartz, 2007). These problems can be any number of things that couples or families go through, but this type of tension or lack of fusion is then appointed to one child. In the article he says it is most likely to go to the oldest child, gender doesn’t…

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