A Raisin Of The Sun By Lorraine Hansberry Essay

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To pursue the success of an American dream at any cost, can unknowingly result in the destructive nature of dreams. A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry, provides a remarkable depiction of the destructive nature of an American Dream. Walter Younger is the head of the family, which fights against poverty, racial, and social injustice. Walter aspires to rise above his class status to gain dignity, pride, and respect. Walter believes his dream can only be achieved by opening a liquor business with the money obtained from his mother, Lena. In the film, American Gangster, a loyal driver, Frank Lucas, witnesses the death of his boss, Bumpy Johnson who was a mob boss. Frank was the right-hand man of a Harlem Gangster, Johnson. After Johnson 's death, Frank takes the opportunity to be the number one distributer of heroin in the United States. He imports a potent brand of "Blue Magic" from Thailand, thereby, thriving in a successful drug dealing business. In both the novel and the film, Walter and Frank struggle through the hardships of attaining their dreams of gaining power and wealth, thus, unwittingly causing the two characters to inevitably break down emotionally. In both texts, the destructive nature of dreams manifests itself through the demise of the protagonists careers, family relationships, and their path towards gaining power and wealth. Firstly, both Walter and Frank struggle with the ability to maintain their careers due to their focus on achieving their…

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