Walter Lee In A Raisin In The Sun

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Age is Just a Number Lorraine Hansberry, author of A Raisin in the Sun, tactfully portrays the development of a childish man into a fully developed adult through his trials and errors during a racist era. Walter Lee, son of Lena (Mama) Younger, has been given the opportunity to teach his son, Travis, what it is to be a man. Given the moment, Walter finally discovers his own “manhood” and tells the white community where he and the family stand (pg. 151). Lena Younger had just inherited her late husband’s insurance money of ten-thousand dollars. While she would like to save the money for her daughters schooling and a house for the family, Walter Lee had different plans in mind. Walter’s biggest battle started with his own childish fantasy. …show more content…
Earlier in the week, a representative, Mr. Linder, for the white community has warned of the dangers, and is offered to buy the home from the Younger family for more than they bought it for. The entire family realized that is was just to prevent a black family from moving into a white community. The family was not swayed until Walter had the idea to earn back the ten-thousand dollars by selling the family’s house back to the community. The only thing on Walter’s mind was the money that was going to be received by Linder writing a check. His fantasies arise back up when he explains to his mother, “that white man is going to walk in that door able to write checks for more money than we ever had” (pg. 143). When it did not seem that Walter could be any more selfish, he decided to go ahead with his plan. His mother had been so much more disappointed with him than ever before. For the first time ever, Walter was putting five generations of his family to shame, making them look poor and worthless to the eyes of everyone, and begging at the feet of the white community (pg. 143). As Linder arrives to the apartment, Walter was ready to negotiate. Ruth, Walter’s wife, asked their son to leave the room, but Lena told him to stay. Lena wanted Walter Lee to show his son “…where our fiver generations done come to” (pg. 147). There was a sudden change in Walter that finally

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