Essay about A Promotional Poster For The World 's Fair

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Part 1: Image 1 is a promotional poster for the World’s Fair taking place in Brussels, Belgium in 1910. In the background of the image through a window we see a very European and sophisticated Belgian palace contrasting with the foreground which depicts an African tribal woman peering through the window. This contrast highlights the viewpoint most European held that Africans were uncivilized compared to themselves and their high culture. The woman herself is dressed in scantily clad clothing which suggests a sexual component while sporting traditional African jewelry. Her gaze is fixed on the palace suggesting the idea that she is enthralled by European civilization and wants to be part of it. While the poster suggests that she is peering into the European world to learn in reality the frame is flipped because she is part of an exhibit at the fair for the Europeans. The image is significant because it confirms many of the European biases held at the time regarding Africans. That they were entranced by European culture and eager to learn the “superior” culture. The idea that the African woman were exotic and a sexual symbol available for the adventurous Europeans.
2. The Unifications of Germany and Italy are inherently linked together. Both of the unifications served to weaken the Habsburg Austrian Empire which operated as a buffer in both cases. While the Italian unification was initiated first it was the German unification and subsequent wars with France that helped…

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