A Powerful And Long Lasting Empire Essay

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One of the key elements to a successful, powerful and long-lasting empire is stability and maintenance. In the ancient world, stability is measured by strength, whether by numbers or military force. The Ancient Egyptians were the longest reigning empire ever recorded in history starting in about 3100 B.C. to the end of the Hellenistic Period in 30 B.C. The Greeks lived in a world filled with a grand religion, sportsmanship, philosophy, and revolutionary art and politics. With the help of Alexander the Great, the kick start to the spread of the Roman Empire was the largest and most powerful empire the ancient world had ever seen. These three massive empires had great stability, wonderful armies, extraordinary tales, and left their mark in history for thousands of years.

The Egyptians started their great reign over the Northeast territory of the African continent around the year 3100 B.C. The culture was centered by their religion, as much as most civilizations in the ancient world. The most important figure in Egypt was their Pharaoh, the god-king. After the royal family, the priests and scribes were the most important class in Egypt. They recorded the histories, writing hieroglyphics, a pictorial and phonetic symbols. The pharaoh united the Upper and Lower Kingdoms of Egypt. This unification was fundamentally important. In the north, a defense from the Mediterranean Sea was crucial, and relatively unchallenging for the Egyptians with a strong navy. In the south, was the…

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