Essay A Platform At The Park

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a platform at the park. They found that elephants were more likely to approach others and make contact with them when they were showing signs of distress in comparison to those exhibiting normal behaviors. This supports the fact that elephants are concerned with the emotional state of their conspecies. Post distress data was also taken, where the researchers observed individuals for ten minutes after displaying signs of distress. The results from the post distress data show that individuals attempted to reassure the distressed elephant by using a specific vocalization. They also concluded that the reassuring a distressed individual was contagious (multiple individuals approached the distressed subject). Soltis, Blowers, &Savage (2011) analyzed the vocalizations of elephants and determined the emotional significance behind them. Audio recording collars that played different vocalizations were attached to seven female elephants at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Florida. Before the start of the experiment, the social contexts of the vocalizations were defined. A neutral response was defined as a scenario where individuals did not approach the subject wearing the collar, dominant individuals did not approach the subject, no social partner approached the subject, and individuals did not make any vocalizations towards the subject. A negative social context was defined as a higher ranked individual approaching the subject and displaying aggressive behaviors including threats or…

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