A Personal Reflection On Indigenous Women Essay

1154 Words Oct 25th, 2015 null Page
Imagine a world, where one cannot even travel two kilometers away from home without fearing racist confrontation. Although this may sound like a dystopia, this is reality for the Indigenous Women of Canada. Sadly, these women are forced live in constant fear, knowing that any goodbye could potentially be their last. Indigenous women have been the subject of various kidnappings and murders for a very long time now, and the government has done next to nothing to improve the situation. People are even going so far as to say that there is not much more that could be done to help these poor women. In the following paragraphs, I will give a personal insight on this issue by describing the symbols within my vamp, naming a few concepts that are of importance to me, and providing a personal reflection on the various kidnappings and murders that so many Indigenous women have been victims of.

To begin, I connected to the issue—of missing and murdered Indigenous women—in a visual manner with the creation of my vamp. Within the vamp, there are many symbols and messages that adequately depict the issue at hand. First of all, the roadway holds significant meaning, and adds an element of darkness to the vamp. Although, the road looks like that of a traditional highway—it consists of pavement with lane markings—it is painted red, in order to represent the blood of all the missing and murdered Aboriginal women. Furthermore, the grass surrounding the highway also has a meaning. It, too, is…

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