A Person Who Leaves Her Country Essay

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Here is another story about a person who leaves her country to have a better life. Born in April 1979, she comes from an underprivileged family from El Salvador, with a family size of 8 four brothers and three sisters. During the beginning of her life, it was very vigorous and challenging. Her father was the provider of the family, while her mother was a stay at home mom caring and nurturing the household. Every day consisted of waking up early in the morning and starting to do work. Whether it was to do labor around the house, cook or help out their father with whatever it was he needed, everyday it was the same routine for Aracely. Some day 's breakfast was some coffee and a piece of bread while other days it would be half a boiled egg with some salt. School wasn’t any easier. “We used to walk about 20 minutes to get to school. If we were just a minute or two late they would not allow us in or we would get punished at school and at home,” she said. Because her family was disadvantaged the siblings weren’t able to eat until they got home. “I remember wishing I had at least one colon to get a pupusa or some type of snack.” She added. “I remember looking at my classmates eat because that was all I could do. Watch them eat.” As she grew older, things became easier and harder at the same time. Living the same daily routine became painless for her, but she desired to do normal adolescent activities. Her family was very dependent on each family member to do their parts,…

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