A Person Living With Bipolar Disorder ( Bd ) Essay

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A person living with Bipolar Disorder (BD) is seen to be challenging and can be misunderstood by many people. Living with this disorder can bring on day-to-day challenges that an individual who has not been diagnosed with may not go through. BD is defined by manic symptoms. According to the DSM-5 people with bipolar, manic episodes experience elated, expansive, or irritable mood and increased activity, plus at least three of the following symptoms: decreased need for sleep, racing thoughts or flight of ideas, rapid speech; inflated self-esteem, impulsive, reckless behavior and distractibility (Beidel, Frueh & Hersen 2014.) Many individual’s that have been diagnosed with BD can go from one extreme to the next. An individual will either be diagnosed with either Bipolar I or Bipolar II. Individuals diagnosed with Bipolar I experience manic episodes to depressive episodes where as Bipolar II individuals experience hypomanic episodes to depressive episodes. The video clip from the film “Sweethearts” is an example of an individual experiencing a manic episode. The individual looked as though she was on a date for the first time. The guy she was with appeared to be confused and unsure as to how to respond with her behavior and all that she was saying. This can be troublesome for an individual and for the individual who is diagnosed with BD. They may be scared to put themselves out there due to the chances of going from one extreme to the next. Allowing an individual to feel…

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