A Perfect World Men And Women Should Be Treated Essay

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In a perfect world men and women should be treated equally in society. However this is not the case. The rights of women have been a topic of huge debate over the years. Women have aspired for years to have the same life of the men. Women face so many discrimination from work, education, and even physical strength. People still look at women as stay at home mothers, the caretakers, and men are looked as the masculine, the one that brings home the money and the one that makes all decisions in the home. These are stereotypes that have been around for hundreds of year and will be difficult to change. Are women being treated equally in 2016, or are there more areas to be improved on? Men still make more money than women when doing the same job. In this paper I am going to use the utilitarian theory to answer, is it ethically and morally right for men to receive more pay for doing the same work as women. Should a person’s gender have any determination of the amount of money they are paid to do a job?
Demonstration Moral Reasoning
“Utilitarianism offers a very straightforward and direct way to evaluate behavior. When given a choice between two acts, utilitarianism states that the act that should be chosen is the one that creates the greatest amount of happiness for the greatest number of people” (Mosser, 2013). Utilitarianism is a natural way to tell if what you are doing is right or wrong which benefits the greatest number of people. “The Utilitarian approach, reflected in…

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