Essay about A Peasant Utopian Society

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“They hated us” (p. 340). This became the cry of one eyewitness whom was unfortunately involved within the Cambodian Genocide. The genocide took place within the years of 1975-1979 under the ruler Pol Pot. Pol Pot lived within the region land of Cambodia and grew up as a working peasant, and was well liked during his youth by those within his country. Pol Pot also studied the ideology of Marxism during his youth and realized that under this ideology, his homeland could drive out those whom he believed should not be welcomed within the country. Therefore in 1953, Pol Pot returned to his homeland in which because of his studies, allowed him to join the underground Communist movement. After the realization of those whom were killed due to the bombardments by the U.S., Pol Pot realized that something must be done in order to return the country into the essence of a “peasant-utopian society”. Therefore he established the Cambodian Communist Party as its leader along with the well-known army of the Khmer Rouge (p. 318). It was during the reign of the Khmer Rouge that those whom first though well of Pol Pot now recognized him as his enemy (p. 318). Under his ideology, “…an underlying theme of the political worldview of the Pol Pot group was a concern for national and racial grandiosity” (p. 322). Pol Pot proclaimed that his intentions as leader were to redefine the lifestyle of Cambodia under Communism and to eradicate the country of those whom he believed should not be welcomed…

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