A Particular Episode Of The Colbert Report Essay

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A particular episode of The Colbert Report comes to mind when this topic is brought up. I 'm speaking of the episode where Hugh Laurie is interviewed shortly after his blues album, Didn 't It Rain, went triple platinum. In this interview Laurie states that Jazz is Americas greatest gift to the world, to which Steven Colbert responds by asking what Britain’s greatest gift to the world was. Colbert answers his own question saying that America is Britain’s greatest gift to the world. All perfectly relevant, being that this British actor is best know for his role as an American doctor in House M.D., and humorous, it does raise the question of where does Jazz come from? Well America, of course, I know that jazz was developed in New Orleans about one hundred years ago but Im not satisfied with that answer. For instance the instruments that jazz is founded on are almost all of European convention. Already, we see a worldwide influence in the creation of jazz and when you consider the rumors of African traditions having an impact on jazz the relation of these influences becomes incredibly complex. Jazz can’t be simply described as being American because America itself is not a whole, but a country made up of parts of the world, the great melting pot. Jazz is arguably the greatest form of musical expression, mostly because of the prominence of improvisation. The genre that mainstreamed wild energetic solos spanning several octaves and minutes. Because of jazz soloing and…

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