A Nursing Home Essay

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The purpose of a nursing home is to keep our fragile elders in a place where they will feel comfortable and in the hands of a medical team. Elders who are in need of assistance and care lands in a nursing home and stays there. The purpose of a nursing home is to live there until the time comes; so the jobs of the nurses, certified nurse assistance, companions, and the activities people is to form an easy living and a comfortable passing. What others does not realize is what actually happens behind the scenes versus what is supposed to happen in a nursing home. Anyone who has never worked or enter this nursing home would think it is in asylum with some monotonous colors and bells ringing nonstop. This resident’s home (that I work in) does not even feel like a nursing home but that of a mad house filled with sadness and aggravation. This nursing home has a building called Royal Pines which is also known as “the last stop”. This building consists of three separate departments. The three departments are rehab, memory care, and long-term. Each of these departments have their own rules and kind of residents who are grievously injured due to a fall, has extreme Alzheimer’s, and are unable to care for themselves anymore. Nevertheless, the nursing home stated that “the residents are adventurous, interesting, active people” (Resident Stories) and claims that the residents chose to live inside a nursing home. The erroneous statement can be proven false. This nursing home is filled…

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