A Normal Classroom Has Norms Essay

1495 Words Oct 21st, 2016 6 Pages
A normal classroom has norms that must be followed and should not be violated. If a student violates any of the social norms they are committing an act of deviant behavior. In our breaching experiment we are purposely violating norms to get a reaction from our fellow classmates and teachers. The reactions that we get will be described, analyzed and discussed in detail. On Monday mornings from 8-11am my group mates Colton and Angelica have biology with Dr. Burke together. On Friday mornings from 8-11am myself, Angelica and Colton have sociology together. Both classes have a relaxed atmosphere and the teachers make the topics easy to understand and easy to learn. Our classrooms are normally very cold as well. Normal class behaviors include, listening to the teacher, being quiet, engaging in class discussion, reading the chapter along with the teacher, taking notes and not disrupting the class. If a student must do something that would disrupt the class such as, taking a phone call, the normal behavior is to step outside of the classroom so that class is not interrupted. Our breaching Experiment would be to violate the classroom norm of how to properly answer a phone call. My classmates and I wanted to disrupt class and our experiment was that Colton would take a phone call while in class. We expected the reaction of our teachers to be a more relaxed one and we expected our classmates to be more annoyed. Our classes are very diverse and our sociology class consists…

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