A Night At The Pink Poodle Essays

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Further, culture is omnipresent on both journeys, although its influences are diametrically opposite. Icarus’ journey to fill the hollowness within himself is inextricably linked to his journey through the shallow and superficial Gold Coast culture. In many ways, A Night at the Pink Poodle is the quintessential commentary on the Gold Coast and its culture. It is doubtful that Icarus’ journey could have been successfully portrayed in another cultural context. In a review of A Night at the Pink Poodle, Luise Toma (2007) agrees, stating,

“The Gold Coast, especially Surfer’s Paradise, is the perfect environment for Icarus’s private odyssey. I personally have never liked the Gold Coast and neither, it seems does Matthew Condon. However, somehow, underneath the descriptions of ill-placed plastic apertures in public places, the residents’ obsession with physical beauty and the never-ending charades portraying ones accumulated wealth, he has managed to capture the Gold Coast’s very special, very hidden beauty.”

Therefore, Icarus is acutely aware of, and highly influenced by, the culture that surrounds him, which informs both his emotional state and his perceptions of his journey. This is reinforced by the novel’s title, which references a Gold Coast cultural icon, as well as its front cover, depicting a ‘vacancy’ sign. ‘Vacancy’ reflects not only Icarus’ emotional vacancy, but also symbolises the Gold Coasts’ perceived cultural vacancy, and the vacuousness of its residents.…

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