A New Molecule of Life Essay

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LAP’recyous Bradley
MS. Hester
English ll

Racism Racism has been a major problem in society from the 1950’s until this day. Racism is discrimination directed against someone of a different race based on the beliefs that one’s own race is superior. Racism is a major issue that affected millions of people, and still effects many people. These beliefs are a main cause in riots, boycotts, and other outrages. Many different groups existed during the Reconstruction era, but the groups disagreed on what was needed to move America forward. Southern white conservatives did not want blacks to own property, have political power, or even have the opportunity to vote in elections. The white Southerners so strongly
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For example, let me give you some statistics that I got from the US Census Bureau, on a large scale we have a total of 2,100,562 people in Utah, 1,999,509 of which are white that is 95%. There is only 18,613 total blacks, that is not even 1% of the population. The other majority is of course the Hispanic population but they also only have about 4%. So we may come in contact with these other races, but it is almost just a? Passer by? Situation, most the time not even becoming acquainted with them let alone getting to know them on a personal level. So we think? There goes a different person? And most the time different to us can be viewed as negative. Often we do not put those thoughts into words. We simply, as it were, stick to our own. We are comfortable there and it is where we belong. We often repeat our parents' philosophy on race and that too is understandable. They set our standards and we often, unthinkingly, adopt them. Racism does not only occur in countries, but inside it like schools. This is called Institutional racism. On the other hand you have everyday racism. This is racism that occurs in informal settings, things like when you go to the shops and the store assistant serves you last or doesn't serve you at all! Once again on the basis of the color of your skin or perceived ethnicity. This type of racism also takes place in settings like public transport, someone calling out racist names to you in the street, people giving

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