Essay on A New Era Of Human Evolution Studies

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To begin with, this article seeks to look at a developing new era of human evolution studies. The sequencing of the whole genome of a species brings advances in molecular biology. These advances have allowed a deeper understanding of the evolution of the brain and its functions. Although it may be difficult, the author Todd Preuss tries to persuade his readers that there is a connection between genes and their phenotypes.
Furthermore, Preuss defines human specialization as “features of human species that evolved in our lineage after it separated from the lineage leading to chimpanzees and bonobos, our closest relative” (Preuss, 2012, p. 10709). By comparing and contrasting species, the more reliable evaluations on evolution become. The author continues to speak about the beginnings of modern ideas on human molecular evolution. Apparently, King and Wilson, did a study on the similarity in the amino acid sequence of proteins between chimpanzees and humans. They amounted to a one percent difference in which they concluded with a small amount of genetic, the expression of the gene changed. The small genetic change was enough to alter the phenotype. Preuss searches for human genetic specialization characteristics, but currently there is not a scientifically agreed upon view on human neurological and psychological specialization. The inability to have an agreed upon view is due to the difficulty in testing ape behavior and cognition. Besides that, those psychological…

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