A New Designer Drug Called Flakka Essay

1135 Words Dec 7th, 2015 null Page
A new designer drug called “Flakka” also known as “gravel” in other areas of the country has hit the streets and is gaining massive popularity in South Florida. Flakka is inexpensive, exceptionally potent and is depicted as the succeeding generation of synthetic drugs. Users possess feelings of euphoria and delirium that is produced by imitating the stimulant cathinone (Calarco, 2015). Flakka is mainly produced with alpha-pyrrolidinovalerophenone (Alpha-PVP), a synthetic stimulant initially developed in the 1960’s, and recognized as the equivalent form of chemical used to produce an alternative abused substance known as “bath salts” (Calarco, 2015). Similar to Flakka, bath salts contain artificial chemicals linked to amphetamine creating dangerous and disturbing results. According to Calarco (2015), “synthetic stimulants such as Flakka inundate the consumer’s brain with dopamine and interferes with normal chemical reabsorption creating unwavering symptoms of extremely erratic and destructive behavior, psychosis, and life-threatening hostility”. Unfortunately, hospitals are not currently equipped to test for Flakka and only toxicologists are conducting examination of this drug. Therefore, it is important for psychiatric nurses, healthcare providers, and law enforcement personnel to be trained to identify Flakka and differentiate physical signs and symptoms of Flakka from other street drugs.
Article Summary The article emphasizes the dangers produced by the synthetic drug…

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