A Multicultural Perspective, African Americans Value Family And Religion

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Case Analysis
From a multicultural perspective, African Americans value family and religion. I believe this comes from the early African American family values from the “slavery days” because our ancestors had to endure and tolerate a lot of hard work, hardship, discrimination, and mistreatment. Because of this, they heavily relied on prayer and each other just to make it through each day. For most African American families, valuing family and religion still exists and many households, but that doesn’t mean that our culture are without other troubles. As a matter of fact, most times African American families like to keep their personal problems in the household to keep others out of their private matters which can be both a good and bad thing. It is clear to say that when the parents are having problems, it definitely interrupts and affects the whole family. Biko has past childhood issues that are unresolved and is causing him to be unable to control his emotions which in turn leads to his anger. His parents were married, had arguments, divorced, and remarried while still having the same arguments and issues. Biko does not have a very healthy relationship with either parent, especially his father. Biko resorts to displaying anger to get out his frustrations and anxiety. Anger is also a “learned behavior” to him in which he grew up in a household hearing arguments and seeing his parents “throw objects at each other.” Although he is aware that these actions are…

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