A Modern Day Mechanism For Social Control Of African Americans

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Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Mike Brown, and many more have joined a category of African American people, who have been unjustly slain. Although, their murders have been highly publicized, caused uproars and inspired movements such as #blacklivesmatter, the people in this category have received little to no justice. It appears that we are seeing more and more African American lives taken. The fact that most of these murders are at the hands of white police officers or vigilantes calls to question whether the slave master has earned a badge and if he swapped his whip for a gun. These homicides are a modern-day mechanism for social control of African Americans. It is just an addition to the many that already exist today like mass incarceration. This new addition is scary because it might work, it reinforces the fears African Americans already have. Starting with how African Americans have done to push the cause to the front of America’s eyes so that they can begin to understand how it all happens. As stated before the murders of these individuals have been highly publicized, and it is not because of mainstream media. African Americans from all over have stepped up and forced these stories to be heard through many social media outlets or by simply taking out their phones to record the injustices. The new technology has helped the cause tremendously because it helps black people stand up for themselves and proves the social injustices they faced on a day to day basis. Thus, it…

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