A Midsummer Night 's Dream Falls And Why? Essay

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Define “ tragedy,” Comedy,” and “romance” in the literary sense of the words. Explain into what category or caregonist Midsummer Night’s Dream falls and why?
- People think of A Midsummer Night’s Dream as light-hearted and funny, full of amusing fairy high jinks, enchantments, and moonlight romance. And indeed, fairies cavort, dance and sing throughout the play and cast magic spells on young lovers forcing them to roam about aimlessly and to engage in absurd antics.
Intro paragraph: Theseus , Duke of Athens, is about to marry Hippolyta,Egeus brings his daughter Hermia to court, she and Lysander want to get married, but Egeus wants her to marry Demetrius, who also wants her . under the Athenian law, Hermia must marry the of her fatherś choice, choose single blessedness or be executed. Theseus says he will enforce this law and gives everyone a few days to decide. Demetrius has seduced and abandoned helena, hermia 's friend. Lysander and hermia decide to elope and get married in the next town, beyond the reach of Athenian law. Hermia tells helena, who tells demetrius in order to ingratiate herself to him. Hermia and Lysander flee into the woods , Demetrius follows the lovers, and Helena follows him.

Intro and Thesis
Section 1
Hermia is in love with lysander, but her father Egeus wants her to marry demetrius. Hermia refuses to marry him.
Analysis: This information connects back to my thesis because Romance takes place in the play hermia loves and wants to marry…

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