A Meeting At The Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Essay

1876 Words Jun 16th, 2015 8 Pages
Walking up to the doors of the first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting I can honestly say I was feeling so many different emotions. I had no idea what to expect and how I would feel about the whole experience. I was curious about the format and the actual process. I was nervous about how I would be received, and about how I would react to hearing everyone’s stories. I was also a little embarrassed to be seen walking into an AA meeting, which was something I was very surprised about. Although I was somewhat anxious about going, I feel that these experiences have really opened my eyes to something I knew very little about. The first meeting I attended was an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in freehold borough. It was held in a room called the clubhouse in a small strip mall. This space is used for AA meetings only and they are held at least three times a day, every day of the week. The walls were covered in inspirational posters about addictions, recovery, and life. There were also many different signs with different kinds information about AA, the different meetings, and important phone numbers that can be called for different situations. Before the meeting started everyone was standing around talking and it seemed like most knew each other. As more people came in everyone was hugging and kissing to say hello. They were not only talking about how they were doing with their recovery, but also about family, friends, vacations, and other aspects of their life. It was very…

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