Neutral Masks Analysis

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´´ A mask expresses at the same time the maximum of life and the maximum of death; it partakes of the visible and of the invisible, of the apparent and absolute, ´´ said Barrault (1961: 77), however, what is a mask, what is the maximum of life, death, the invisible and visible ? To a great extent, I agree with the statement, but as Shujoy Chowdhury claimed, “behind every "Truth" there is always a "Lie". Evaluating contrasting masks like the Japanese Noh Masks, Neutral masks or African masks will give us major knowledge of what the maximum of death, life, visible, invisible, apparent and absolute is. I choose especially that three masks for the reason that in them I distinguish the two extremes (African and Japanese masks) balanced by the Neutral. …show more content…
On the one hand, the maximum of life expression held in the Neutral Mask could be the mastering of converting the Mask from neutral into, full of life action, representing a tree, a monkey, or a falling white paper (Lecoq, Jacques, 2015, chap. 44, p. 93). On the other hand, the maximum of death could be exposed synchronously in that action of a falling white paper, as when the paper reaches the floor, it’s the end of the flying (life) and what implies, the end of the action (death). Still, as I mentioned before, both actions are never present at the same time. The masked person is the visible part, but the white paper is the invisible part that is mostly represented by the mask. Apparently, it is a mask and a person, but on an absolute basis, if the performer is fully wrapped, there is nothing more than a simple tree, a monkey, or a white and empty paper. Therefore is up to the actor to create, develop and make the mask come back to life, but then the mask will take control and exhibit the performer by giving him a complete freedom. (Lecoq Jacques, 2015, chap 44, p. 93). When a person gathers enough confidence and courage to experiment the change of not only his face(being covered) but his movements, habits, and even presence, he is ready to wear and give life to a neutral mask. A neutral mask as I mentioned in the beginning, can express tons, but still, the expression is different than the African mask or the Japanese as we are going to see. Covering our face with a neutral mask means losing the connection with our face at first, being this part of us without a clear emotion represented, and then with our body. A masked performance is always different than unmasked one, a neutral mask hides every single emotion of your face and still

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