A Man For All Seasons Essay

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When Robert Bolt titled A Man for All Seasons he did not draw from the story’s main men as inspiration. The play follows English nobility during a tumultuous time in British history. King Henry VIII wishes to divorce his wife, the Spanish princess Catherine, his brother’s widow, as the pair find themselves unable to produce a male heir. When Sir Thomas More rises to the title of Lord Chancellor of England, the King approaches him, hoping to convince More to support the divorce. More did not approve of the marriage from the start, as it went against the Bible and forced the Pope to issue a dispensation to allow the nuptials. Years pass and Henry creates a new church, the Church of England, and marries his former mistress, Anne Boleyn, and More rots away in a jail cell for not swearing to the King’s Oath of Succession. The play concludes with More beheaded for high treason and Henry getting his way once again. While More, Henry, and other men, such as Richard Rich posses numerous talents, they are not “all-season” men, as they do what they please, no matter the consequences. The men in Bolt’s play are not “men for all seasons” and the author uses the contradicting title to highlight the horrible qualities of his leading players. Bolt paints Sir Thomas More as his main character and follows More’s path from a simple politician to Lord Chancellor. While More shows positive qualities, such as his devotion to his Catholic faith and his uneasiness regarding bribery-shown with his…

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