Summary Of Charlotte Perkins Gilman's Short Story 'The Yellow Wallpaper'

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A Lost Soul During 1892, women had a difficult way of living, this was a time were men are right and women were wrong. When women would go into a deep depression after giving birth to there child and had to be kept in isolation, as a for of a cure. In Charlotte Perkins Gilman short story “The Yellow Wallpaper” a women who is kept behind close doors, as a treatment because of her depression, who is given by her doctor and husband after having a child. Been kept in isolation, having no supporting an treated like a little kid and becoming obsess with the yellow wallpaper is what makes her loose herself and makes her go insane. In this time period women can not vote or make any type of money, and because of this most women felt as if they where trap themselves, for not been able to do what they wanted.This is the time where the …show more content…
At first all she sees is figures or patterns but as time progress she start to sees a women who are trap in the wallpaper. She even said it, that it look like this person who was trap waned to get out, “The faint figure behind seemed to shake the pattern, just as if she wanted to get out”(Gilman 478). Meaning she is witnessing this other women who is trap, wanting to get out of the yellow wallpaper. Its as if she had completely lost site of what is real and what is in her imagination. At this point, her been in isolation that is suppose to be her treatment for her to get better we know it is not helping. Even when she goes and tell her husband that she wants to leave, he completely ignore her and basically tell her that he knows what better for her. “…. but you really are better, dear, wether you can see it or not. I am a doctor, dear, I know”(Gilman 478). in this case the setting is been describe to us has it become more insane and confusing, which make it important for us to better understand and know the women thought about how she is feeling in

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