Essay about A Look Behind The Veil By Elizabeth W

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Covering of one’s head has very significant role in many religions. Some of the biggest faith’s including Orthodox Judaism and Catholicism practice veiling. However, one of the biggest faiths that this practice is commonly seen in is Islam. Across the Middle East, the strict belief of a women covering her head races across those who follow the Islam teachings. In the essay “A Look behind the Veil” by Elizabeth W. and Robert A. Fernea, the various types of veils that are worn by Muslim women is described. Though one may have a generalized idea about the symbolic head coverings of the Islam faith, the meaning of head covering has very deep rooted historical and religious significance.
The Islam faith dates back to the Middle East in the early 7th century when the Prophet Muhammad founded the teaching of surrendering to the will of Allah. The followers of this monotheistic faith believe that Allah is the creator and sustainer of the entire world. This belief can be considered similar to other monotheistic faiths such as Christianity and Judaism. However this is one of the only similarities between the three different religions. With the many teaching revealed to Muhammad, came the teaching of modesty and decency in interactions between members of the opposing sex. In a broader sense, “the principle of modesty includes behavior and dress for both males and females” (“Hijab”). The foundation of the veiling stems from the verse in the Qur’an in Chapter 24 known as an-Nur or in…

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