A Little Boy From The Book ' Child Called It ' Essay example

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David Pelzer, a little boy from the book called, “Child Called It” who lived in Daly City, California was tortured by his mother. Over many years of David’s life, his mother, Catherine Roerva, perpetually punished him for no known reason. Although, Catherine had loved her child, it all changed when she had another child. Her love for David had faded and it all started with small punishments while standing in the corner in her bedroom. As the younger child began to get older, the mother’s hatred for David had progressed and began to physically abuse him. As you read this book, you think to yourself that a mother is supposed to be a role model to a son and a person to love and support their children. Physical abuse towards children is shamed upon and a major problem all over the world. There is no reason why anyone, let alone an innocent child go through physical abuse. Help reduce child abuse by educating society about the ongoing child abuse issues that aren’t recognized, the effects on the child while going through the process of adoption, and the years after the abusive time period. This topic is very important to this group because all three of us had written our first papers about children. When we came together as a group, we found that we share a common love for children. As a group, we researched different stories and issues around the world that take an influence on us to try to do something about child psychical abuse. Our group found a particular quote that says,…

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