A Lesson Before Dying By Earnest J. Gaines Essay

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“I was not there yet I was there” (Gaines 1). Sets the mood to the rest of the story called A Lesson before Dying by Earnest J. Gaines. The narrator named Grant Wiggins an African American college graduate that came back home to teach black children in his rural home town Bayonne Louisiana in the 1940s. The first paragraph of the story sets the scene of a courtroom and introduces two new characters grants aunt and Jefferson’s godmother. He explains the two lady’s as being average in height but fairly large (Gaines 1). But while in the courtroom Jefferson is called a hog and that’s where the story begins. Imagine you are in a courtroom for a crime you did not commit your surrounded by people that don’t really care about you every look you get from someone it is in complete disgust. Then your lawyer of all people tries to defend you by saying you are nothing more than a “hog”. How would you feel most would feel as Jefferson did and go into a state of depression. Thinking you are nothing but a hog. “‘I’m an old hog. Just an old hog they fattening up to kill for Christmas’ “(Gaines 83). Throughout the story Jefferson question religions. Because what god would put an innocent man in the chair. But god always works in mysterious ways. And by doing so Jefferson becomes a hero and grant finds his purpose in his life. Grant and Jefferson are on a trip. Though they have different educational backgrounds, they are both black men who have lost hope which kind of brings them together…

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