Essay on A Kantian Society Versus A Utilitarian Society

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A Kantian society versus a Utilitarian society, it begs the question, what would you rather live in? Kantian ethics places a heavy emphasis on not treating people as a means to our end, Kant stressed motivation over consequences unlike utilitarianism. Utilitarianism stresses that the final result is more important than how you came about it. A christian society should be based more so on Kantian ethics then utilitarianism based on the precise thought that motivation is more important than consequence. As a christian I am called to evangelism, to bringing other people into the light and teachings of Christ with the love and compassion of Christ. In order to evangelize and be a true light in the world, it is important for a christian to truly believe their faith and live by it. The motivation in their evangelism must be rooted in their faith before they began ministering to others around them. As Kant would say, the means to which they bring people to faith is more important than turning people to faith. The most important part of spreading God’s word, is believing in it yourself, in doing so you believe that the only way to spread the word of God is through love. A utilitarian would disagree with this statement, believing that it’s not the means to which people come to hear about the gospel but instead that people become believers. A great example of where this is wrong, is in religious radicals or extremists. The most popular example of this comes not from a christian…

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