A Kantian Approach To Business Ethics Essay

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A Kantian Approach to Business Ethics
The writer here talks about a man named Kant who lived in the 18th Century and is best known for defending a version of the “respect for persons” principle which implies that any business practice that puts money on a par with people is immoral or unethical. Kant argued that the highest good was the goodwill. To act from a good will is to act from duty. Thus it is the intention behind an action rather than its consequences that makes that action good. The article goes on to focus on some of the implications of Kant’s three formulations of the fundamentals of ethics. Kant’s first formulation was that he believed every action has a maxim, we are to ask
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The bottom line of Aristotelian approach to business ethics is that we have to get away from both traditional individualistic ethics and “bottom line” thinking ( it is serious considerations of the attitudes, behaviors, concepts, approaches and actions that business owners

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