A Journey In Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha

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From the time we are born there's always been a zealous reasoning to achieve a certain goal, such as learning how to walk or speak. The choices we decide to shadow unveil the events and the people that advocate us to accomplish our goals. The events we encounter gives us complete freedom to follow our inherent nature and explore our inner world to arrive at the absolute truth about ourselves and existence. Other people's insight can teach us to avoid the mistakes they have followed and their experience can be the catalyst in our goal. The path we choose provide us wisdom that guide us to our own purpose in this unbeknownst world. The Brahmin’s son – Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse is not the object of sacrifice and the sacrificial host …show more content…
Gotama had taught his followers the rituals from Buddhism and quickly Govinda was impressed by his teachings and became one of his followers. Siddhartha saw Gotama as a symbol of peace not love. “Gotama talked about suffering, the origin of suffering, the way to release from suffering” (pg 29) Gotama had attained Nirvana by separating his Self from suffering. Gotama showed a similar route like the Samana, for that reason Siddhartha rejected his teaching. Siddhartha realized that enlightenment cannot be achieve by neglecting the Self. The removal of life's suffering broke a unity for Siddhartha, he believes you must balance the yin and yang. A life of salvation doesn't bring knowledge for those who thirst for it (Siddhartha), it can only reconcile suffering to bring happiness in the mist of religion. Gotama showed no promises for Siddhartha to find enlightenment, hearing the Buddha’s words Siddhartha realized there was no formula and teachings to reach enlightenment. A man of religion participates his religious duties as the key of human life to develop wisdom, for Siddhartha he realized religion is not the cause and effect of finding enlightenment. Only an individual experience will be able to guide his search for enlightenment, he cannot rely on religion or teachings. For the first time, the two best friends (Govinda and Siddhartha) became separable, walking on two different paths to reach enlightenment. Gotama took his only friend but in return he gave Siddhartha

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