A Interview On Show Boat Essay

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Show Boat
Show Boat was first presented on stage in the year 1927, and it had a lot of characteristics that if presented to the contemporary audience, may be provocative or offensive (Ferber & Hirsch, 2012). The timing of the presentation was at a time marked by high levels of racial discrimination. Some of the words and dialects used in the performance may seem offensive to some social groups in the modern society. The setting of the show was at a time when there were widespread socio-economic inequalities, and it encompasses some of the popularly used words and dialects in that era. Even though this type language was acceptable at that time, it is perceived as an extreme and offensive language today (Wood, 2013). Many of these words and dialects raised a lot of controversies, and today they are termed as offensive words. Some include the use of the word “Negro” to refer to the black individuals, the use of the phrase darkie and coon shouter that was used to refer to a white guy who sang black people’s songs.
The incorporation of racist language in Show Boat has raised a mixture of feelings among the producers of theater plays (Ferber & Hirsch, 2012). Some may feel that the show is presentable to some sections of social groups while others perceive it as entirely offensive due to its use of inappropriate language and various settings and scenes. There are some scenes, songs and dances in the show that seem to be racially insensitive such as the song “this is a number,”…

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