A Interview About Hana 's Husband Essay

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Hana arrived 20 minutes early to the interview, dressed professionally. She had a firm handshake and appeared very confident. During the interview she appeared at ease, very articulate and had well thought out answers to my questions.

Hana currently holds the rank of First Lieutenant in the United States Army stationed in Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. Hana’s husband, Nicholas, is an Infantry Officer in the United States Army. They have been married for three years and are currently living in North Carolina. They will both be ending their military commitments in late April and will move back to the Kansas City area in early May.

Hana believes she has an even temper and a positive attitude because she focuses on the good things in life. One thing that does make her angry is when people don’t follow through with what they told her they were going to do and this, in turn, puts her in a bad position. Hana likes to run to help relieve any stress she might be feeling, normally four to five days a week and up to eight miles per week.

Hana has prepared herself for a career in law enforcement by attaining a Criminal Justice degree, through serving in the Army and remaining physically fit. She said the military taught her a lot about discipline and being flexible. She wanted to be a nurse when she started college, then she met her husband who was studying Criminal Justice and she fell in love with the idea of a career helping people through the law.

Hana is proficient with…

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