A Human Being By Alice Walker Essay

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Alice Walker is an esteemed Author who is celebrated for her work internationally, she won a Pulitzer Prize in Fiction in 1983 and has been awarded the national book award. One of her works Everything is a Human Being is an exceptionally striking piece that uses a Native American literature style as opposed to the more western-centric western literature style. Walker’s text Everything is a Human Being shows the difference between Native American and western culture and the connection between the abuse of natural resources by western civilization and the mistreatment minority peoples. Walker attains this by using intertextuality and linking the current destruction of nature to previous destruction of minority civilizations, she shows the ecological oppression that western society has created, but she offers a solution to stop this downward societal problem that faces everyone not just western ideologies or minority groups but everyone.
Walker uses intertextuality to benefit her work and to make it more believable and functional. She takes a seed of an idea involving historical context where everyone is involved and needed to help others it doesn’t matter who are what you are and turns it into an ecological battle to protect nature. Walker touches on the idea of collective responsibility for others actions on, Walker states “The Earth holds us responsible for our crimes against it, not as individuals but as a species- this was the message of the trees.” (662) it links to a…

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