Essay on A History Of Greek Gods

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A History of Greek Gods
The people of Ancient Greece created their deities simply to make explanations for the things that were going on around them. Theses figures were thought to be divine, and to be worshipped by the Greeks. The images of these Immortals were created a short time after being conceived, and were used for many purposes, including statues, coins, dishes, and paintings. While there is a long list of all of the different Gods and Goddesses, these are the most commonly known.
Aphrodite was the Goddess of beauty, love, desire, and pleasure. Although she was married to Hephaestus, she had many other lovers, including notable names like Ares, Adonis, and Anchises. She was described as extraordinarily beautiful, more so in fact that the famed Helen of Troy. Aphrodite was not afraid to use her beauty to get what she wanted, either. She promised to give Prince Paris the most beautiful mortal woman in the world if he judged her the fairest goddess in a contest, and Paris agreed. When he got Helen for his wife, it started the Trojan War. Her symbols include roses and other flowers, and the scallop shell. Her sacred animal is the dove, and her Roman counterpart is Venus.
Apollo was the god of music, arts, medicine, prophecy, poetry, and archery. He is the son of Zeus, and the twin brother of Artemis. He is often identified incorrectly as the sun god, because in Roman mythology, he is the sun god. In Greek mythology though, Helios is the sun god. In sculpture, Apollo…

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