Essay on A Hero Of Our Time

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In the Novel A Hero of Our Time, Lermontov uses, Pechorin said Byronic character to reveal the irony that back in 1800 Russia the high class isn 't always the strongest and smartest class, but they can be manipulated and brought down even lower than the lowest class. He also shows through Pechorin how every class falls, but the lowest fall for a Byronic character. Most of all how the most to fall is the middle class because they desire and want hope more than any other class. Lermontov gives us a real view of how 1800 Russia should be seen with a different perspective than many authors give about what is truly behind all these classes, that pride is the downfall of Russia in this time period. The high class during this time period is viewed as prideful, strong, powerful and smart, but Lermontov shows through Pechorin a different side of this. He was able to show that they too can be easily deceived and manipulated like everyone else. He became good friends with the doctor which was interesting because Pechorin really saw him as a true friend but the doctor didn 't truly know him. They were good friends up until the day Pechorin kills Grushnitsky, the doctor starts to look at Pechorin differently and for who he really is. After the death of Grushnitsky and before Pechorin left the spa the doctor only visited him once and it wasn 't a friendly conversation "The doctor came by. His brow was crossed, and he did not extend his hand to me as he would usually."(Lermontov…

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