A Great Poetic Montage Written By A Man With A Unique View On The Killing Of Humans

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‘Thoughtful insights through history ’A great poetic montage written by a man with a unique view on the killing of humans throughout many centuries. Edwin Brocks, “Five Ways to Kill a Man”, will have you viewing history in an unfamiliar way. Each paragraph referring to how people have been killed throughout each century, with the end inflicting a dark humorous response.

The unique view and invited reading is that, each century has a ironic and certainly cumbersome way to kill a man. It takes us from the time of Jesus to the first atom bombing of Hiroshima, in Japan. Showing us how humanity can kill a huge majority of people in crude and despicable ways. The main idea of this poem is that throughout the years, humanity has found many painful and stupid ways to kill humans, and rather than helping someone in our golden era, we just leave them there to die. The poet has showed us a ridiculed and a very different message which is often not talked about, which is basically saying if we have killed humans like this in the past, why do we not just find a new way to kill them. I find that this message does not comply to human life in the blink of an eye, because actually we help humans everyday whether we know it or not. ‘These are, as I began, cumbersome ways to kill a man’.

The poet does not use any linguistic devices. The authors poem leans toward, using much more of imagery devices rather than sound. “Five Ways to Kill a Man” is written in a lyrical and narrative form. The…

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